They Secret to Good Health, Despite Prolonged Sitting

Our lifestyle today, without us even being aware of it, usually results in us being inactive and sitting most of the day.  Whether it is working all day at an office job, watching television or browsing the internet, nowadays we tend to spend too much time in a sedentary position and this lack of physical activity, can result in serious health implications.

Researchers performed a study in London on bus drivers who sat all day and conductors who moved around from bus to bus.  It was concluded that sitting all day increased the risk of serious diseases and premature death, which has resulted in about 5 million deaths globally per year.  The current recommended amount of time to perform moderate physical exercise is 150 minutes per week, which can make a difference between life and death.

A study was undertaken to determine if initiating a workout regimen for about 60 minutes a day would benefit your health and prevent  or eliminate the risk of early death associated with prolonged sitting and inactivity.  One million men and women participated over several studies whereby individuals were divided into four groups according to their physical activeness. The results showed that physically inactive people had a greater risk of premature death, regardless of whether they experienced prolonged periods of sitting or not, compared with people who exercised up to 60 minutes a day.  The risk is tantamount to individuals who are obese or smoke.

Although it is not always practical to play a sport or exercise during the day due to work constraints, walking during lunchtime, before work or going to an exercise class in the evening goes a long way to improving your health and longevity prospects.

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