When we’re young, our bodies play a harmonious symphony.

As we age, those same instruments start playing out of key.

Certain vital systems start to malfunction, down to the protective caps at the ends of your DNA strands. 

This ultimately influences your lifespan and healthspan.

However, while Age is Inevitable; Aging is NOT.

Many processes leading to aging can be slowed or even reversed.

Sound too good to be true?

Hi! I’m Dr. Barry Dinner, a Certified Anti-Aging Specialist, and veteran family physician for over 30 years.

Through my practice, I saw hundreds of patients stricken with an assortment of ailments: fatigue, headaches, weakness, and weight gain. Despite following conventional medical protocols, these patients often didn’t respond well to treatment.

I was determined to help.

Over the next several years, I studied under experts in the field of functional and anti-aging medicine, developing a natural approach that goes right to the core of these complaints. 

The BeYoung method has shown extraordinary results–I’ve had patients with Alzheimer’s stop the disease’s progression, and others with severe cardiovascular problems improve.

Results like these make it clear that it is possible to age without aging. 

The Key?

View your body as a unified machine.

The same factors affect every part. Keep the major gears in good shape, and their impact will trickle down to each cell, so your body can continue to work in harmony, preserving youth.

Take the guesswork out of how to keep your body healthy and maintain your youth.

In short, Beyoung is a comprehensive, practical anti-aging guide, with real advice on moving forward into a life extension program.

How are we different than conventional Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine programs? 

The passion behind Beyoung empowers you to not only improve your health, but also to enrich your own life, so that every additional day becomes valuable and timeless.

Change is possible

Making changes, especially lifestyle changes, is never easy.

With BeYoung, you’re not alone.
Dr. Dinner not only serves up suggestions for strengthening your mind and body–he and his team personally guide you in achieving set goals.

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