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Healthy gut, healthy life.

Personalized functional medicine program to heal and align your microbiome.

The foundation of good health is all about your gut.

Your gut and bowel is complex. And it can affect everything from your skin and heart, to your cognitive function and energy levels.

Which is why Beyoung builds a thorough gut health check into every patient’s intake process.

There are many problems that may occur with the gut that are not obvious on routine testing. Overgrowth of pathological bacteria can occur and damage to the gut lining may occur leading to a leaky gut which causes multiple health problems. Advanced G.I. testing and therapies are required to heal the gut.

Beyoung is committed to hearing you. To meeting you exactly where you are, and spending the time to truly uncover the root causes of your symptoms and create a treatment path that works.

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Empower healthy aging and take the first step toward a more vital, energy-filled life today.

How Beyoung works.

Beyoung is a personalized approach to patient care that focuses on treating the root cause of disease.

Step 1

Choose a program & complete the intake

Once you've spoken with a Beyoung nurse and chosen your program, you will receive an email with next steps and your patient intake forms.

Step 2

Book your first doctor's

When you're ready, your support team will create a schedule of appointments that might include blood tests and physical exams.

Step 3

Review your anti-aging plan and commit to your program

Your medical team will create a personalized functional medicine health plan for you and provide the support and resources to succeed.

Health programs designed to empower and inspire.

Beyoung is a comprehensive and practical anti-aging and functional medicine program that gives you the tools, the expertise and the support you need to improve your health and add value to your life.

Benefits of Being Part of a Beyoung Program:

(varies based on the program you join)

  •  PHYSICIAN MEETINGS Meetings with Dr. Dinner with comprehensive health assessment and treatment plan.
  • MEETINGS WITH NURSE Meetings with the Beyoung nurse.

  • BEYOUNG NUTRITIONIST PROGRAM DESIGN AND SUPPORT Beyoung Nutritionist meetings with Customized nutrition program and meal plans.

  • CUSTOMIZED FITNESS PROGRAM AND SUPPORT A fitness program customized by our fitness coach to meet your specific fitness needs. Phone meetings with our fitness coach to support and monitor progress.

  • ADVANCED LAB WORK Necessary lab work at specialty labs.

  • SECURE MESSAGING Secure messaging with the Beyoung staff

  • WEEKLY WORKSHOPS Workshop with Dr. Dinner once a month. Workshop with our nurse once a month. Workshop with our nutritionist once a month. These workshops are a platform for you to ask any questions and get additional support.
  • WEBINARS Access to all Dr. Dinner’s webinars.
  • BEYOUNG ONLINE AND TRACKING PROGRAMS  Online and easy food, exercise, and other metrics tracking. Additional online programs specific to your health status.
  • SYNCED DEVICES Fitbit, body scale, and food scale. 
  • DISCOUNTED SUPPLEMENTS Discount on all supplements (in the US only).
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A different approach to aging well.

Beyoung is a personalized approach to patient care that focuses on treating the root cause of disease.

Unlike traditional medicine, we go beyond treating just your symptoms. We look deeper, uncovering the reason for your pre-mature aging to create a unique care plan for your specific goals and health needs.

Aging well is a choice. We can help.

A revolution in healthy aging.

Dr. Barry Dinner is the driving force behind Beyoung.

A certified Anti-Aging and functional medicine Specialist and veteran physician of more than 30 years, Dr. Dinner has worked with thousands of patients to hone his treatment methodology.

Together with his team of experts, Dr. Dinner brings his knowledge and expertise to help you reverse the signs and symptoms of pre-mature aging.

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Age is inevitable. Aging well is a choice.