Dr. Barry Dinner MBBCH, ABAARM

Dr. Barry Dinner’s career spans over more than thirty-three years, in which he developed sophisticated and advanced pro-active programs for preventive medicine in family practices. After having practiced a wide range of medical disciplines, such as internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Dinner completed his fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2010.

Today, Dr. Dinner runs his anti-aging clinic which includes advanced testing, cardiovascular health, brain health, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, the management of metabolic illnesses, nutritional and fitness programs, as well as stress and adrenal fatigue management. He is also the founder of Ignite Your Youth anti-aging nutritional supplements.

Below is the introduction to Dr. Dinner’s book, “Be young”:

I have spent many years in family practice treating thousands of patients. As a physician, one of the most satisfying accomplishments is to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the cure. One feels useful and helpful. However, I always felt somewhat limited in my ability to treat many conditions. People would recurrently complain of weakness, fatigue, headaches and weight gain, amongst other symptoms. After many panels of tests and specialists, often no cause would be found and a vague diagnosis would have to be selected, like viral illness, chronic fatigue or stress.

A number of years ago, I decided to do a fellowship in anti-aging medicine at the American Academy of Anti-Aging, which is run by outstanding physicians and healthcare providers. From there, an exciting world opened up for me, and the great new science of anti-aging medicine, based on functional medicine, has become an integral part of my practice.

There are many diseases that afflict the elderly, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Through my anti-aging studies, I have learned what contributes to damage in the brain and the causation of this disease. Ongoing research in this field helps us continue to discover new anti-aging techniques and procedures and keeps us abreast of the latest discoveries.

I have learned how to assess metabolic processes by going back to basic medical science, and through this, solutions to many illnesses can be found. Learning about the hormone pathways again provided a method to replace and balance hormones in a safe and healthy way. Relearning how the body produces energy and techniques to enhance this process, as well as the significance of maintaining a healthy gut and its effect on different processes in the body, enabled me to turn my focus to finding root causes to various ailments.

Discovering the ultimate secret to maintaining our youth has been an ongoing search for hundreds of years. Many varieties of creams, lotions, vitamins and potions have been touted as the paramount solution to aging. However, the real question still remains: What is our understanding of the aging process and can we realistically slow it down? There is a tremendous amount of research being done in the anti-aging realm, both in the medical and functional fields and major progress has been achieved, but how much of it is practical and usable?