Heart of the Matter

by Dr. Barry Dinner

How to Conquer Stress Before It Wreaks Havoc on Your Body, Mind and Soul.

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The Ultimate Book on Anti-Aging

by Dr. Barry Dinner

If you’re feeling your age, then something is wrong. There is no reason your body should start closing shop after forty—in fact, there’s no reason for your body to ever stop performing at its best.

Dr. Barry Dinner, a veteran family physician, and Certified Anti-Aging specialist has helped hundreds of patients reverse the effects of time. In Be Young: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide to Maintaining Your Youth, Dr. Dinner lays out what he’s learned from experts in the fields of anti-aging and functional medicine so that you too can reclaim your life and health.

Age is inevitable, aging is not.

If you’re looking to take the guesswork out of how to keep your body healthy and maintain your youth, and want to be empowered, to enrich your own life, then Be Young is for you. Dr. Dinner applies his unique understanding of processes of age, formulating aging solutions that work for all body types.

In this book access tools for natural anti-aging and longevity.

  • Learn how various body systems break down as we age, and what can be done at a cellular level to stop their disintegration.
  • Use a holistic approach to aging in order to lengthen and enhance the three pillars of your life: Lifespan, Valuespan, and Youthspan, ensuring that your youthful years are not only productive but extend into old age.
  • Receive practical recommendations on how to exercise the body and mind, as well as eat correctly, thereby utilizing each organ to its fullest.

In short, Beyoung is a comprehensive, practical anti-aging handbook, with sound advice on moving forward into a life extension program.