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 Cutting-edge ideas on how to prevent or slow the progression of cognitive decline
Join us on Tuesday, August 9th
at 1:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm IL

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The BRAIN can cause many systematic problems in the body and to the functioning of our body as a whole. 

Conventional medicine focuses on treating the damage that has already occurred due to the Brain. Functional Medicine focuses on understanding the things that cause an unhealthy brain and how to address them. 
This is a leap forward in the treatment of a healthier Brain. 
Dr. Dinner is a physician with 30 years of clinic experience. He is also an expert with many years of experience in functional medicine focusing on the prevention of many systematic issues like Brain health by addressing and treating the things that cause those issues.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Barry Dinner, a Veteran family Physician for over 30 years and a Certified Functional Medicine Specialist.

Through my practice, I have seen hundreds of patients stricken with an assortment of ailments: fatigue, headaches, weakness, weight gain to name a few. Despite following conventional medical protocols, these patients often didn’t respond well to treatment.

I was determined to help.
Over the next several years, I studied under experts in the field of functional and anti-aging medicine, developing a natural approach that goes right to the core of these complaints. Understanding the underlying causes of the complaints and treating those causes.
The Beyoung method has shown extraordinary results – I’ve had patients with severe cardiovascular problems improve, that have Alzheimer’s stop the disease’s progression 
Results like these make it clear that it is possible to age without aging.

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