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Vitamin K2:

Vitamin K, typically known for its role in coagulation, goes way beyond mere blood clotting.  In the 1980s, it was discovered that Vitamin K helps the body activate and maintain the protein called osteocalcin, which is essential for bone mineralization.

There are two types of naturally available vitamin K:  K1 and K2  (menaquinone).  However it has been shown that the absorption of vitamin K1 from food is extremely low and that only a mere 10 percent of the vitamin K, such as found in green leafy vegetables, is absorbed by your body.  Moreover, there is nothing one can do to the way one consumes Vitamin K1 that will significantly increase its absorption.  The same study however, showed that Vitamin K2 is produced by bacteria as part of the fermentation process in the intestines and that ALL of the K is in fact absorbed by the body.  So although K1 can also help with bone formation because it is converted to K2 in the body, Vitamin K2 supplementation is in fact the easiest way of introducing Vitamin K2 into the body as a means of helping to prevent and treat osteoporosis.  

Furthermore, the same study revealed that, without vitamin K2, calcium regulation is disrupted and that in fact, low levels of vitamin K2 are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis11 (the formation of calcification or plaque on the arterial vessel walls).

Our product contains the menaquinone-7 form of vitamin K2, which is not metabolized quickly by the liver, thereby supplying the body with a more consistent supply of vitamin K.

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