How Can You Add Seven Years to Your Life…….

Do you want to look and feel seven years younger?  Sanjay Sharma, Professor of Cardiac Diseases at St George’s University Hospital in London maintains in his research that exercising in your 50 – 60 year age group can cut the risk of dying from a heart attack by half, and slows down the aging process.  Although we cannot avoid becoming old, we can look and feel younger in our older years and delay the aging process, by exercising and taking care of ourselves.

Taking a brisk walk for about 25 minutes a day can add three to seven years to our lives.  Exercising acts as an anti-depressant and improves cognitive function.  Mounting evidence is pointing towards the delayed onset of dementia as a result of regular physical activity.

In another study performed by a research team at Saarland University in Germany, a group of healthy, non-smoking, non-exercising adults were introduced to a regular exercise program which included aerobics, high intensity interval training and strength training.  It was discovered that the variety of exercising all had a positive impact on aging, however the endurance exercises and high intensity training were more likely to promote a healthier overall being and trigger the anti-aging process as opposed to just weight lifting exercises.

The bottom line is no matter what age you begin to exercise, being active and maintaining a regular exercise routine will promote a healthier you.


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