Tree-Lined Streets Can Improve Your Health

One of the most relaxing things to do is go for a walk in nature.  It helps you relax and creates a feeling of overall well being.  But how much of an effect do tree-lined streets in your neighborhood have on your health?

A study was conducted in Toronto by psychologist Omid Kardan of the University of Chicago, and included satellite imagery of green space (excluding bushes and grass) and individual tree date together with thousands of completed questionnaires on general health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and mental illness. After analyzing the data and taking demographic factors into consideration such as age, income and education, the researchers determined that people who live in high density tree-lined neighborhoods, appeared to have greater health perceptions with fewer cardio-metabolic conditions.   In essence, it seemed that people living in an area that had at least 10 more trees on their street, had the same outlook and sense of well being as someone who received a $10,000 wage increase and moved to a better neighborhood to match the salary, or was seven years younger.

It has also been noted that tree-lined streets are more beneficial than trees in backyards, as it seems to influence the general populace of the neighborhood overall.  Although the exact reason why trees have an influential effect on one’s health has not been pinpointed, the fact that trees provide cleaner air, stress relieving qualities and promotes physical exercise where people enjoy walking through tree-lined streets, seem to have an overall positive impact on individuals.


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