Could Your Sugar Levels Affect Your Libido?

In a society where sexual expression is outwardly vocal, it comes as a surprise that many men and women who are inflicted with diabetes, suffer in silence with sexual dysfunction.  Diabetes can have an affect on sexuality in both genders, and without openly addressing the problems with a physician, can remain untreated and cause disharmony among couples.  Impotency can be a sign of diabetes, or for those who are already diagnosed with the disease, it can signify hormonal changes, nerve damage or blocked arteries.

When someone is suffering with a chronic illness, sex in a relationship usually gets put on the back burner. However, in the case of Type 2 Diabetes, a low libido can be the result of certain medication, depression, extreme fatigue, hormonal changes, anxiety, stress or relationship issues.  High blood glucose can cause sexual problems and it is important to achieve lower glucose levels and maintain control of the disease.

Diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage associated with diabetes, affects both genders.  In men it can cause erectile dysfunction, numbness, pain and an unpleasant sexual experience.  Certain medication can lower testosterone levels causing erectile dysfunction, as well as obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and low self esteem.  A physician can prescribe various treatments and medication to help with this problem.

Women often encounter vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes or reduced blood flow, which is associated with diabetes. Higher probabilities of bladder incontinence, vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections are also prevalent, and can result in painful intercourse.  Hormone replacement therapy – if prescribed by a doctor – or an over the counter lubricant is helpful in reducing vaginal dryness.  UTI and yeast infections can be reduced by keeping your blood sugar levels in check and going to the doctor at the first sign of an onset of an infection.

A healthy and active sex life is important in a strong relationship, especially when a person has a chronic illness and has a patient / caregiver relationship with their partner.  Although diabetes can lead to sexual challenges, making significant lifestyle changes is the most important factor in pulling in the reigns of diabetes.  Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising to reduce your weight and lower your blood sugar levels, taking supplements such as GlucoCare™ and GlucoForce™ as well as decreasing your stress levels are vital steps in improving your overall health and improving your libido.

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